Find The Best Granite Suppliers For Countertops

Kitchen countertops is a topic that is worth discussing because of how many people often ignore it. You would often see people replacing their kitchen cabinets, but the countertop would get little to no attention. Most of the times the countertops are at the bottom in terms of priority when renovating the kitchen. From what we believe, countertops can play a crucial role in the appeal of your kitchen and they should be prioritised because of the wear and tear they are exposed to every time you cook. Most people prefer to do their meal preparations on the kitchen countertops, so they can easily start to get worn out, especially if they are not made from the right material. 

There are two popular choices for kitchen countertops, marble tiles in Sydney and granite. As opposed to marble, it is safe to say that if you are looking to save some money than granite is the preferred choice by people. Moreover, there are other benefits of going for granite as compared to marble for kitchen countertops which we will see below. 

Easy to Find Suppliers 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of going for granite kitchen countertops is how easy this material is to get your hands on. You can easily find granite suppliers, while on the other hand if you are going for marble countertops then you might have a hard time finding someone reliable. The easy availability of granite is also one of the reasons that why it is the cheaper option among the two. However, cheap does not mean that it is not a suitable choice for kitchen countertops. In fact, it is starting to become just as popular as marble nowadays if not more when it comes to the choice of countertops. 


We all know that the reason granite is considered to be the top material for kitchen countertops is because of its durability. However, what majority of the people do not know is that granite can even fare better in terms of durability when you compare it to marble. Its high durability is enough to make sure that you do not have to spend additional money on maintenance or repairs in the future. If you are getting granite installed, then you are set for years before you would have the need to make any changes. 

Variety and Colour 

Depending on the colour theme of your kitchen, if you are going for reputable granite suppliers, then they might even offer you endless variety for your kitchen countertops. Granite comes in many different colours and shapes. So, you will most likely get granite kitchen countertops made which would meet your expectations.  

Granite and marble both are great choices for kitchen countertops. However, considering how easy granite suppliers are to find and its price makes it the better option among the two.