Renovation Ideas For Your Home And Commercial Kitchens

A clear objective of kitchen renovation is to remodel a new refreshing and well-ventilated environment in the kitchen and to create a cooking and baking place that originate a sense of peace that could offer a feeling of comfort whenever working in the kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Plan

I created a complete working and budget plan for kitchen renovations from Mornington Peninsula. According to plan it has required replacement of the sink, wall tiles and kitchen appliances which include gas stove, refrigerator, gas oven, and microwave. The kitchen floor has needed some repair and fixtures. The 2 feet long and 2 feet wide window on the opposite wall of kitchen entrance which is facing garden has the need to wider 1 foot with sliding doors to manage the space. New kitchen cabinets and drawers were required to install for creating more space for storage of crockery, microwave, gas oven, juicer, food processor and monthly groceries.

Purchasing of material and labour for kitchen renovation

Staying on my budget I bought wall tiles, a sink and a window with sliding doors according to the new window size for initial kitchen renovation and hire a meson for remodelling of the window and other construction work. Then I moved to the shop of kitchen appliances and bought a refrigerator, gas stove, gas oven, and a microwave. It was very hard for me to manage all the appliances in my allotted budget but I managed luckily. Now the final task was to search out a skilled carpenter who could help me in buying material for kitchen cabinets and could make fine and durable cabinets and drawers to complete kitchen renovation. Coincidentally I met a carpenter in the shop of PVC sheets. He helped me in buying PVC sheets, catcher and other related material.

Starting Kitchen Renovation

I devised a complete and clear plan for how the kitchen needs to look. Now I was waiting for a mason in the excitement of my grandmother’s kitchen renovation. Soon he came and started his work from the window then installed the sink under the window, placed wiring on proper places and later he repaired all fixtures on walls and floor. He took half day for doing his half and asked to leave it to dry till the next day. The next day the mason placed all tiles on wells. Light-coloured tiles with floral border match with marble countertop were looking very beautiful.

Wooden work for Kitchen renovation

On the third day, the kitchen renovation more than half was done. Carpenter was doing his work I was helping him in measuring the cabinets and drawers. He took all measurements and started cutting PVC sheets. He spends two days in completing his job. All cabinets and drawers were installed he fastened all doors, fixed catchers and handle and left the house.

Kitchen after Renovation

After kitchen renovation, there is a new gorgeous look with increased space and storage. It is more comfortable and ventilated which helps in baking cake and preparing meals with fun and pleasure.